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We provide IT solutions, consultancy services, experience and projects capabilities for retail and distribution brands.


Cosin Consulting continues adding alliances

Intelligent Inventory management, the successful key to improve profitability 

In our philosophy of growing  and providing  the retail  with a complete service, Cosin Consulting , add a new partnership with Retail Smart Guys, a consulting company specialized in sales and  stock planning.

logo retail smart guy y cosin

Thanks to this agreement, Cosin Consulting will be able to offer to their actual and future customers a solution more intelligent, that will allow them to create benefit from  their warehouse orders and that will be reflected  in a better economic results

This software is according with the Open to Buy formula , that will  offer a forecast system able to optimize the Purchasing plan with a 94% accuracy.  

¿What is Open to Buy and what can it make for my business?

In a few words, it is a system for buying and selling that is based in an accurate forecast combined with an Inventory planning, which will allow you to get a forecast that will not let you exceeding or  fall short with  sales.

One of the main problems in a store is not having a good Purchasing Plan. If you buy too much, you will lost money decreasing the prices,. If you don’t buy enough , you lose the chance of selling more units or you increase your costs as you need to make a new purchase order.


Open-To-Buy studies monthly sales and purchases, identifying  the consumer  demand  and analysing nd reclassifying the inventory in order to get profit in the cash at the end of the month.

Also, the retailer will get a deeper and wider vision of his expenses structure , and will find out where he has to decrease  costs in order to get a better profit.

Gestión inteligente de almacén Cosin Consulting

Traders will be better informed regarding their business and markets and at the same time, they will learn critical information and sales management tools that will boost growth, the profit, and the long term successful for their business.  

"There is no areia in the Retail Business where we are not able to help. We will  give our best efforts in order to help our customers. And if you need any help in whatever area we don’t know, we know lot of people we can bring  in order to help to solve the problem”, said after the agreement Dan Jablons, founder of Retail Guys.

In  Cosin Consulting we are very proud of being part of an alliance of companies, constantly improving our   services and  offering a total and professional solution to the retail sector.

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