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We work in order to sincronize and improve online and offline sales to exploit the synergies that can provide a multi-channel business model. Selling online offers new horizons, but mismanagement and absence of appropriate software to manage the point of sale, warehouse and on-line shop, can take significant losses in your business.

"Loggicommerce of Trilogi, strong, stable and advanced e-commerce tool"

Cosin Consulting and Trilogi offer everything a retailer needs for an on-line store. Positioning, on-line marketing, item management and most importantly, a perfect integration within the business sales structure. You can import data from your physical stores to its online store and vice versa, stock levels, prices, promotions, customers...



  • Optimized for search engine optimization SEO. Using the W3C (standard HTML)
  • Available to integrate with any web design.
  • Compatible with any client database or ERP via XML technology.
  • No software installation required.
  • Continuous updates.
  • Drag & Drop system that provides an easy learning.
  • Fully configurable into two different languages, currencies, warehouses, countries, users and their roles, and tariffs.

Take some advice from our team of professionals to ensure that the implementation of your online store does not become a misstep for your retail business.


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