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Payment processing

One of the most important aspect inside your POS system is the credit card payment management. Our specialized team work in order to integrate all process in order to made a more secure and lively payment system.


Let´s see our solutions:

TPV-PC remote payment

Cosin Consulting integrate the Sermepa remote payment with our point of sale system. This innovative system is based ina server that is posible to acces from a suited point. The main advantage is that we can link all functionalities in a remote way. Adding an extra value to your retail point of sale.

TPV PC mobile

With this new application it is posible to pay with a mobile without a traditional point of sale. It is only needed a HTML mobile which is conected with Sermepa to send the data.

Integrate system in POS

With One interface TM, you can have all you need for the payment process in a whole system (terminals, banks, tax free). Without having to learn different applications for the payment process. Today is standardized for 18 countries.


  • Point of payment variety
  • Advance payment
  • More consistent operations
  • Best practices implementation
  • Centralised reporting
  • Centralised management
  • Add value services (Tax free shopping)
  • Standard PCI DSS
  • Fraud Management in Point of Sale

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