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Franchise system

There are many things to consider when you decide to open a franchise. The all-in-one solution that offers Cosin Consulting helps the franchisee to save resources of time and money while satisfies the necessities for both, franchisor and franchisee. Franchisees want to have control of their own operations, and perform as an independent owner. Franchisors, meanwhile, must respect that independence and, at the same time, maintain an overview of their company.

Retail Pro is able to meet all needs

thanks to its flexibility


The flexibility is key to succeed with a franchise. Retail Pro tries to safeguard this flexibility, while covers the needs of local customers (stock, loyalty programs, promotions, etc.) and offers a global view to the franchisee who can view transaction data either for a shop or for a set of stores.

The possibility of working in different countries and with different currencies and exchange rates is another important advantage of Retail Pro for those who are considering an international expansion.

On the other hand, Cosin Consulting offers its know-how and experience accumulated over the years in the world of franchising. Our guidance in combination with the Retail Pro software    guarantees a comprehensive solution to all those companies who want to offer theirs licensed for a national and international expansion.


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Key features for the franchise:

  • Support for single and multibrand franchises
  • Detailed view of sales and transactions for each franchisee
  • Accuracy and transparency in finance
  • Gathering information about customers, marketing, sales or employees to help improve and enhance the franchise
  • Access to own data for each franchisee while remaining private and inaccessible to other franchisees
  • Multi-currency  management when the franchise embraces different countries and currencies
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty by issuing and monitoring gift cards perfectly integrated, gift certificates or store credit in all franchise
  • Share customer information  accordingly to the needs
  • Create purchase orders for specific stores, all stores of a franchise or all stores in all franchises to gain advantage with volume discounts purchase
  • Quick and easy management of inventory updates and exchanges of goods between franchisees



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Download our catalog


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