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Cosin Consulting can help you optimize your Sales Plan to improve drastically the Net Income of the small retail business. Our solution allow the retailer to manage the Inventory and the budget in an efficient way, making easier the find out what happen  with every purchase and making possible to maximise the performance of every unit of stock entered in the warehouse.

We achieved this through the implementation of the Open-to-Buy formula in our Retail Pro software.  

What is Open- to- Buy?

Open to buy is a financial formula which starts with the Sales planning process and will improve your performance month by month, taking previous data and setting reference points in order to evaluate the progress and making the necessary adjustments in future sales plans.

How does it work?

Once an accurate sales plan is defined, it is necessary to set the different stock levels at the beginning of each month, this will give an overview   for stock and sales. On top of that, must be added the sales orders, the markdowns, the transfers and the desired profitability; the formula will give you the inventory amount needed in order to fulfil the Sales plan. So, this explains why the formula is getting better each month.  

Do not hesitate to contact Cosin Consulting to find out how we can help you improve every aspect of your retail business. 



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